"Good Good Father" by Housefires - Song Review

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In honor of Father’s Day, it is the perfect time to worship with the song, “Good Good Father” by Housefires.  This powerful track was written by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown and was recorded in a live worship night setting with their local community in Atlanta, GA.  It is dripping with authenticity, raw passion, and a warm awareness of the goodness of our Father. Whether you want to lead this song in your church or simply enjoy the video below, here is a brief breakdown of what makes “Good Good Father” such a special song:

Starting from the top, the verses are short yet meaningful, illustrating the tension between who the world has interpreted God to be and the truth of who He really is as our Father, and that His nature is good!  Wether we have had to sift through other people’s opinions, or even face our own doubts about God’s goodness at some point, this song is a clear declaration of His true character that surpasses all circumstances. This resolve is experienced through a “…tender whisper of love” rather than a shout of judgement.  We can rest knowing that He is pleased with us, He is kind, and that we are never alone!

From there, the song drops into the chorus declaring,  “you’re a good good father, it’s who you are…”.  There’s something powerful in the simplicity of this statement and the fact that repeating these words emphasizes God’s goodness just as much as His traits as our Father.  We all know these truths in our minds, but as we sing along to this infectious melody, its as though this revelation is trickling from our minds right down into the center of our hearts. This declaration is followed up by an even more pertinent statement, “I am loved by you, it’s who I am…”.  This lyric illustrates the beautiful interchange of worship: We worship and honor who He is, while He simultaneously pours out His affection and affirmation on us. We are safe in His love!

The melody uses major tonalities that supports the resolve reflected in the lyrics.  Singing out these playful lifts and drops in melody creates a feeling of being drawn into a dance with God’s goodness rather than just hearing about it.

The bridge brings all of the parts together to climax in this one central idea, “You are perfect in all of your ways!” This is an announcement of God’s preeminence.  This is like singing with the Psalms, as when an anchoring phrase is repeated after exploring different aspects in it’s preceding lines.  He is perfect, He is loving, and we can truly trust our Father!

Housefires’ songs are birthed out of their own journey with God and the communal context of songwriters, families, faith and life. They hope the message of their songs will spark fires that burn bright in ordinary houses all over the world.  We have especially felt this spark through this song and hope to see more communities blessed by it.