Student Testimony // WorshipU On Campus 2015

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This is my story.

I was so excited to be a student at WorshipU On Campus this last year! My expectation level was high and I was excited to see what the Lord was going to do.

I was finishing up my second day at WorshipU and I honestly thought I could hold no more. It had been a good, good day but God was just getting started. Jenn Johnson walked out on stage and proceeded to call out my name. Feeling a little embarrassed, I looked around the room but when no one else stood up, I stood.

I had no idea what was about to unfold. Jenn told me that I was going to be the recipient of a painting she was standing next to on stage. The painting had been inspired by Amanda Cook’s song “Mercy” and had been created the night before. It was a painting of a woman with words like “guilt” and “shame” written across her face but all around her were words like “beautiful,” “love” and “mercy.”

The entire class prayed for me, and I could feel the weight of what the Lord was doing.

At that point I didn’t understand the significance behind what had happened.

Several days later, I had a vision in the middle of worship. Jesus took me back to my 7th grade art class when someone had vandalized a piece of art I had made by writing a terrible name across it. He then took me to my locker that had other hurtful labels about me written on it in black sharpie.

All my life I have not been able to erase those words spoken over me. In this vision, Jesus playfully started playing a game of hide and seek with me around those same Jr. High lockers. I saw Him face the people that had labeled me and then stood between them and me until I could no longer see their faces but only saw Him. He turned to my locker and started wiping off the black sharpie until none of it remained.

I began to laugh and cry because I knew in that moment, His mercy triumphed over judgement and He had set me free, healing me from many deep, painful experiences.

I was abused as a child and had believed the lies my classmates told about me. The words written across the woman’s face, like the words on my locker and artwork, had been my identity for years.

I had been shamed in public by those bullies, but in God’s redeeming way, it was in public that He brought healing.

Jesus picked me out of a crowd of a thousand to heal the wounds I had carried since childhood.

And just so you know, it now hangs in my bedroom on a wall across from my closet so that each morning when I get dressed I am reminded that I am beautiful, that I am radically loved and that mercy triumphs over judgement! I am humbled in the knowledge that I am His chosen one and that I am seen!

by Tracy Trotter