Worshipping With or Without a Platform - Leeland

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Leeland is a worship leader and songwriter known for his 2006 debut album “The Sound of Melodies” and his most recent release “Christ Be All Around Me Live”.  He is passion-filled and a dynamic worshiper, both on and off the stage.  We are excited to have Leeland as an instructor at this year’s WorshipU On Campus.  In this article, enjoy a preview to one of his core messages that he will be teaching at the event and watch his video of the worship song, “I Can’t Get Enough of Your Amazing Love”.

The purpose of the musical gift that God has given us is primarily for the secret place with Him – to sing and dance unto Him when no one is looking or listening, simply to please His heart. And the overflow of our private adoration blesses others when we gather together to worship in His Name. 

“The Lord set apart the Levites, to carry the ark of the covenant, to stand before The Lord and minister to Him and to bless others in His name.”  Deuteronomy 10:8 

Although the old testament refers specifically to the Levites being consecrated as ministers, I believe that this idea of ministering individually to the Lord’s heart through our music is for each of us in the church today, not only those called worship leaders. The act of worship through music is an intimate gift designed for our face-to-face encounters in the secret place. 

If we think of this gifting only as a platform to minister to others, then we will always need a platform and we will always need others to feel fulfilled.

But when we understand that the primary purpose of music is to sing and play to our Father in the secret place of intimacy, we will be fulfilled by ministering to His heart.  And then, when we are given a platform to lead, we will be able to worship with pure motives and a genuine heart.